Zircon® Corporation Company History

Silicon Valley-based Zircon Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures the largest selling line of innovative electronic hand tools for professional contractors and home improvement enthusiasts.

Since inception, Zircon tools have received high accolades from users worldwide.

Founded in 1975, Zircon® began as a manufacturer of an inventive line of digital watches, and owned and operated the Fairchild Channel-F video game division.

In 1980, Zircon® leapt into traditional hardware lines by leveraging its extensive experience in consumer electronics, to develop the StudSensor™, the original electronic stud finder. Then as now, the mission is to provide affordable, accurate, and easy-to-use scanning and detecting solutions for DIYers and professionals alike.

So, what makes Zircon superior to other brands?

Product Development

Product development drives Zircon’s competitive strategy. Zircon produces highly functional, intuitive, affordable products, designed for a lifetime of rugged use. The company’s diverse engineering capabilities include custom chip design, display technology, mechanical design, rapid prototyping, and industrial design. All Zircon® products are highly proprietary and well protected by patents.


Zircon’s expanding customer base is fed by efficient and tightly controlled assembly operations utilizing highly-refined technologies, supplier partnerships, just-in-time inventory, and on-line integration. All components and facilities are controlled and/or monitored by Zircon, and ensure rapid delivery of high quality products directly to customers worldwide.


Zircon tools have worldwide appeal and can be found in 30 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Zircon continues to be the only company dedicated solely to electronic tools. Sales vehicles include a wide range of multilingual packaging, instructions and product information.

Customer Engagement

Zircon creates daily connection points with our customers worldwide. From interactive point-of-sale displays to online engagement to a customer support center, and all points in between, Zircon interacts with and solves customer tool needs day in and day out.
Today, Zircon manufactures and markets dozens of unique electronic scanners and detectors designed to save end users time and money. With millions of units sold worldwide, these high-tech, high-performance tools have exclusive patented features and are also RoHS (Lead-Free) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive in the European Union) compliant.