How to Find Metal using a Stud Finder

“Hi this is Eric with the Zircon Tip Minute.

Today we’re talking about locating metal using a multi-function stud sensor, like this MultiScanner i520.

You can use metal finding tools not just to find pipes or metal conduit but also to locate studs behind lath and plaster or heavily textured walls and ceilings.

No matter what you’re trying to find, keep one thing in mind, the sensitivity of the tool depends on how closely it calibrates to metal.

Here is an example of how you use interactive calibration to locate a metal target like a pipe:

Switch the MultiScanner i520 to Metal Scan Mode. Hold it away from the wall, then press and hold the power button, begin scanning on the wall. As you approach metal, the bars on the display will come together. Mark where you first get the strongest reading. Keep going until the bars drop off, reverse direction and mark where the tool shows the strongest reading again.

To narrow the results, turn the tool on over one of the marks and scan again. Mark the points where you get the strong signal, just like last time. You’ll get a smaller zone with the target still in the middle. You can do this repeatedly to further refine the search results. To confirm the location of a solid metal target such as a pipe, scan vertically. The tool should indicate a constant drawing signal as you run along the pipe.

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