Deck the Halls, Trim the Tree – and Find that Circuit Breaker!

Every holiday season, movie buffs re-join Clark Griswold in his epic quest for the perfect family Christmas.  In this classic National Lampoon movie, Griswold’s comedic journey exaggerates each holiday reveler’s traditional task –trimming the Christmas tree and installing outdoor light displays.  As Clark’s story demonstrates, outdoor holiday lighting can prove to be the most formidable task, even for those who have the utmost passion for twinkling exterior lights.  To carefully install and project lighting, a circuit breaker finder can be quite the useful tool.

Zircon Breaker ID

Zircon’s Breaker ID Circuit Breaker Finder allows you to quickly and easily identify circuit breakers, even when working alone.  Affordable and easy to use, the Breaker ID makes finding the right circuit a simple, one-person operation.  With the Breaker ID, you don’t have to shut off power to the entire house, or go through trial and error, accidentally shutting off things you don’t want to.  A vital tool for homeowners and contractors, the Breaker ID finds the right circuit breaker every time.

The Breaker ID has two parts: a transmitter that plugs into a circuit via a standard outlet and a receiver wand to scan the circuit breaker panel.  Simply plug the transmitter into an electrical outlet, to send a signal down the wire connecting that circuit, and then scan your circuit breaker panel twice to identify which breaker operates that outlet. The Breaker ID receiver will identify the correct circuit breaker with a green LED light and audio tone.  A simple one minute video demonstrates the Breaker ID’s ease of use and accuracy.

The Breaker ID Circuit Finder retails between $29.99 and $39.99.  You can find the Breaker ID Circuit Finder at leading home centers, hardware stores, electrical supply houses, or professional outlets.  For more information, visit

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