We Just Want it to Work

Zircon Corporation makes electronic stud finders

We all have a basic expectation with every product or service purchase we make. We expect it to work for us. We expect it to be effective. It doesn’t matter if the cost is $1, $100, or $1,000. We bought the product because it’s supposed to help us, feel and look good, or get a job or project done successfully.

A customer recently called and left a voicemail to say that he had just bought a new Zircon StudSensor and our product was not working for him, no matter what he did. He took it back and exchanged it for an upgraded model with more features, and that one also didn’t work for him. He said he was going to take it back for a refund and never consider purchasing another product from our company.

Zircon StudSensor e50 stud finder

I called back immediately and got his voicemail. I asked that he call me back on our 800# customer service line. I said I would correct the problem no matter what it was, and that the company would stand behind the product. Luckily, he called me back fairly quickly. He was still very anxious about his experience and was convinced that our product didn’t work. After a short time, I figured out the problem was a simple low power battery issue. He had used the same bad battery in both the sensors. With a brand new battery installed, his StudSensor was now 100% operational and he was very pleased and happy. He just wanted it to work.

Zircon’s team of Tool Pro Experts provide superior customer service and know the ins and outs about tools, construction, and the challenges that DIYers and professionals face with a diverse list of projects. Rest assured knowing you can reach live, accessible, knowledgeable, honest people. At Zircon, we work with you.