DIYers, Feel the Force

Zircon Installing Cabinets

DIY, or “do it yourself”, is a common term we’ve heard to typically describe home improvement enthusiasts who want to work on a project on their own. It sounds great on the surface, but it can occasionally lead you into tasks that are complex and (at least a bit) beyond your experience or ability. You know that the job might take a little longer, and it might cost you a few bucks, but you also know the satisfaction you’ll feel at the end will be worth the effort.

Often when tackling a major job or task around the house, you’ll need to research the purchase of a new tool or material that you are not that familiar with. The pivotal decision is, ‘Do I pay someone to do this, or can I do it myself?’

As a customer service advocate at Zircon Corporation, makers of electronic DIY tools, I help customers with their DIY projects on a daily basis. Success is within your reach. If you have the will, determination, and guidance you can do it. And it’s so much easier to accomplish your DIY goal when information, such as instructions, is so readily available on the internet. And they’re not just one dimensional instruction sheets nowadays, but step-by-step visual YouTube videos – complete with sounds, close-up views, and angles that let you see exactly how projects are done firsthand.

Zircon’s YouTube Tip Minutes, for example, house an extensive library of videos that are simple to follow so you can learn the ins and outs of how to use your Zircon StudSensor to find a stud behind the wall to put up a shelf or secure your flat screen tv.

Just about everything and anything you want to learn or get instructions for is on the web – and the best part -a majority for free!  You can learn to play a musical instrument, how to fly an airplane, put up wallpaper, or build a shed, all in the comfort of your own living room. Just watch the video or download the information.

I realize this is not ground-breaking news for most of you reading this blog. You’re on the internet now afterall! But it might surprise many of you to know how many people are still unaware of the availability of widespread DIY helpful hints, data, and how-to’s just a mouse-click away…

It’s the greatest learning resource of the electronic age we live in. Although this has only been developed in the last few years, many of us take it for granted now. It’s the “force” of self-empowerment that has never been easier to tap into. Feel the force! Use the force DIYers! There has never been a better time.

And, by all means, use the information you already know. That is the theme of the Zircon Pro Expert blog, “Knock, Knock, Who’s There?”

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Tom is a user experience expert and Customer Service Manager at Zircon. He provides personalized training, education and service to high tech and hardware tool customers worldwide. All with a smile, to boot!