Which StudSensor™ Should I Choose?

With 15 wall scanning products available, there’s certainly a StudSensor tool perfect for your needs. Narrow the options by asking yourself the following three questions:

How often will I need to find studs?

If you’re a casual home improvement enthusiast that won’t be using the tool very often, our entry level StudSensor EDGE stud finder may be all you need. If you’re a hard working professional who needs it all, the MultiScanner® i520 may be more up your alley.

How many variables will I encounter when scanning for studs?

Many of our StudSensor and MultiScanner® products include unique technologies that help tackle unexpected circumstances. Sensors with DeepScan® technology are useful for thicker walls or surfaces with extra layers of material such as bathroom tile. Make sure the product you select includes all the features you will need. Check the Zircon Glossary for an explanation of each feature we offer.

Will I need to identify other hidden objects like live wire and metal?

Our products with WireWarning® detection help prevent you from driving a nail into live electrical wire. MultiScanner® products also trace hot wiring and scan for metal to identify pipes, ducting, and more.

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