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Owning a home means being able to decorate it based on your personal style. Determining what belongs in each room, where to place furniture, and how to make your house a home can be fun, and challenging at the same time. Let’s focus on the fun by sharing some design tips, and also some things to avoid.

Don’t: Hang your framed prints or art too high.

People tend to hang art too close to the ceiling, making pieces look disproportionate to the rest of the room. Depending on the height, you may have to crane your neck in order to look at the entire piece, which can be making that a literal pain in the neck.

framed art

Do: Mount heavy, or large items securely to the center of a stud.

To evoke feelings of contentment, as well as provide a sense of comfort within your space, place art or photographs around your home. Use a stud finder to securely mount your art. Experts recommend placing framed items around 57-60 inches above the ground. What better way to showcase special moments in time than with pictures? Select subtle photo frames that will not just enhance the art or photos you choose, but also solidify their placement on the wall.

Don’t: Block natural light.

While thick curtains can be a nice addition to a room, they can also hinder light from entering an area. Research has shown that natural light helps enhance people’s overall well-being, as well as feeling more productive, happier, and calmer.

sheer drapes

Do: Hang drapery that is sheer or more transparent.

Thin curtains allow ample light to flow into a room, maximizing the natural ambiance from the outside (not to mention saving money on electric bills). A breezy curtain will also add more texture and visual depth to your room.

Don’t: Push all your furniture to the walls.

For a larger room, placing furniture against the walls can make a room feel sparse and uninviting. This can also lead homeowners to feel the need to add more furniture or items to the room. This could become costly, when it’s actually just a simple fix of rearrangement.

Do: Bring furniture closer together to create a warm atmosphere in a room.

Place your couch and chairs about 2-3 feet from each other to make an intimate setting. Centering your furniture around a coffee table or rug will establish a focal point within the room, ensuring coziness in the space. A focal point is important to create a cohesive flow, making your room feel united with the items inside. With these design tips, you’ll be able to enhance your space for you and your family. Following simple guides like this will lead your room to be optimized for space, comfort, and happiness. Making sure you’re using the proper equipment to fix and maintain your home is important, it’ll help sustain decor and furniture to last for prolonged periods of time.

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