Zircon​® SuperScan​™ K3 Advanced Wall Scanner Named Best Wall Scanner and Winner in 2021 Popular Mechanics Tool Awards

Zircon SuperScan K3 stud finder

CAMPBELL, Calif., April 8, 2021 – Zircon Corporation, manufacturer of the original stud finder, is named Best Wall Scanner and winner in the Popular Mechanics 2021 Tool Awards for its innovative SuperScan™ K3 advanced wall scanner with Target Control™ technology.

Popular Mechanics, a trusted source for tech-savvy professionals and enthusiasts for over 100 years, tests hundreds of new tools over a two-month period to select only the year’s most innovative for the magazine’s Best Tool categories and annual Tool Awards.

This year, the SuperScan™ K3 advanced wall scanner is named the winner in the Popular Mechanics 2021 Tool Awards in the Digital Hand Tool category as well as Best Wall Scanner by Editors at Popular Mechanics for its superior achievement in product design, performance, quality, value, and innovation. Zircon, Vice President of Marketing, Sharon Gee stated, “Zircon is committed to providing its customers with the tools and education they need to complete their DIY projects confidently and safely. For the SuperScan™ K3 to be honored with this prestigious award by Popular Mechanics in this category is a testament to that.”

The all-new SuperScan™ K3, featuring revolutionary Target Control™ technology, is tuned to find wood wall studs and virtually eliminate metallic false positive stud indications when scanning over walls with hidden plumbing, conduit, straps, and brackets. Unknown objects hidden in the wall can fool ordinary stud finders into falsely indicating a wood stud when it may actually be detecting metal, plastic, wiring, or some other unknown object. These false positive stud indications create an obvious risk to the safe, efficient outcome of any project and are the bane of ordinary stud finders. With the SuperScan™ K3 advanced wall scanner, users can finally have real confidence before drilling into wall surfaces.

The SuperScan™ K3 is available for purchase exclusively at https://shop.zircon.com. For more product information on the SuperScan™ line, how-to videos, and instructions, visit https://www.zircon.com.

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