The IKEA Furniture Recall – What’s Next?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of the IKEA furniture recall. However, as mentioned in my previous blog, “What Everyone Should Know About the IKEA Furniture Recall,” the safety considerations and implications are not specific to IKEA brand furniture, or to furniture itself. Below are steps individuals can take to ensure that their furniture, and any heavy objects for that matter, are securely fastened …

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The Secret to Finding Wood Studs in Lath and Plaster Walls

We often get asked, why does my stud finder have trouble with lath and plaster when it works perfectly through drywall? Or, what is the best tool or technique for finding studs in lath and plaster walls? Your Zircon stud finder finds studs by looking for an increase in density compared to where it was first calibrated on the wall. Drywall and other manufactured sheet materials …

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Stuck on Stucco?

How to Find Studs through Stucco I am often asked if it is possible to scan through stucco exterior walls. Contractors, remodelers, and DIYers are often surprised that Zircon does not recommend their tools for outdoor use on surfaces such as stucco. However, we have some tips that may still help you get the job done when you need to locate studs behind a stucco exterior …

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Using Stud Finders on the Roof

To Scan? Or Not to Scan? That is the Question. I recently attended a large event for satellite dish installers who asked me for advice and tips on how to use Zircon® StudSensorTM or MultiScanner® stud finders on the roof to locate rafters. They were really surprised to hear that Zircon does not recommend these tools for outdoor use. I hear the same reaction from solar …

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Devil’s Slide Tunnel Project

Zircon end-users really appreciate that they can call or email us with their questions and quickly get answers from someone who really knows the products very well. One day when I was covering a shift on Zircon’s end-user help desk, I got a call from the crew who were building the Devil’s Slide tunnel. They were having trouble using the Zircon MT6 to locate rebar in …

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V Groove Plywood Plank Ceiling

I wanted to cover my studio ceilings with pine tongue and groove planks like I’ve done in most of the main level of my house. I’m able to get Pine tongue and groove planks for about $2.25/sq ft so it was going to cost about $3000 to do my studio ceiling. I didn’t want to spend $3000 on my studio ceiling. I figured if I was …

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Using a Circuit Breaker Finder to add Under-Cabinet Lights

I used a Circuit Breaker Finder for the first time while working on my kitchen entry makeover and IT WAS AWESOME! The days of running up and down the stairs 20 times, turning off one breaker at a time and checking to see if it was the right one — are over! When I started building the Hutch in the kitchen entry, I decided I needed …

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Whoosh! Stay out of Water Trouble

Any homeowner will agree that water damage poses a significant threat to his or her home, but few people understand the full extent to which they may be at risk. According to a 2011 survey held by ACE Insurance Underwriters, water damage in the U.S. averages $9.1 billion in homeowner property losses over a three year period. We spend much of our time focusing on external …

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Living Large in a Small Space Part 2

Whether you’ve just settled into your first studio apartment, are downsizing from a larger home, or just want to make the best use of tight quarters, living large in a small space can be a paramount goal. Maximize your home’s functionality and enlarge your living space with these simple tips. Less is more. When shopping for your new paradise, look for versatile and smaller sized furniture, …

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Living in a Small Space, Part IV

Fall is an excellent time to think about reorganizing and making the most out of your space. With college students settling into their dorm rooms and the current downsizing trend, how can you organize your limited space to be as functional as possible? In what way can a smaller space also reflect your individual personality? The enlightening part about the small space movement is the opportunity …

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