Zircon Debuts New MetalliScanner® MT 7 Metal Detector See This Break-Through Tool at EISENWARENMESSE

Campbell, California (U.S.A.) – February, 2016 — Zircon Corporation, maker of the original electronic stud finder, introduces the MetalliScanner® MT 7 metal detector. The MT 7 quickly and easily locates and indicates the depth of rebar, pipe, and other metal before you saw or drill. Attendees at the EISENWARENMESSE International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany will be the first to experience a hands-on assessment of this innovative new tool.

Recommended uses for the professional-grade MetalliScanner® MT 7 include locating and reinforcing rebar in masonry and measuring subsurface nail spacing in roofing material for compliance with building codes. Masonry professionals, roofers, and contractors alike will benefit from the MT 7’s ability to find and avoid rebar in concrete before drilling, to find pipes and junction boxes behind tile, and even detect the nails or tacks in studs behind lath and plaster walls.

The powerful MetalliScanner® MT 7 saves time and money by eliminating guesswork, rework, needless holes, and costly broken drill bits or saw blades.

Simple to use and feature-rich, the MetalliScanner® MT 7 has a bright backlit display that indicates metal target depth up to 15.2 cm (6 in.) deep, whether the metal located is ferrous or non-ferrous, and when the user is moving towards or away from the target. The MT 7 has a position accuracy to within +/- 13 mm) (½ in.) for #4 rebar or 13 mm (½ in.) copper pipe.

The water-resistant MetalliScanner® MT 7 comes complete with a pivoting handle attachment for extended reach, integrated lanyard loop, 9-volt (GLR61) battery in select markets, and a protective carrying case. An optional 1.2 m (4 ft.) extension pole is also available.

Zircon president John Stauss stated, “The MetalliScanner® MT 7 delivers breakthrough innovation in scanning technology via a no guesswork, simple and effective way to locate and avoid rebar in concrete. Zircon’s complete line of scanners and detectors demonstrate unrivaled ability to meet and exceed professional and DIY expectations, saving our customers, and their customers, time and money.”

Zircon’s complete line of products can be seen during the 6 – 8 March EISENWARENMESSE International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany at Zircon Stand C-011, Hall 4.1. Zircon will be exhibiting a wide array of stud finders, detectors, and wall scanners. All tools are backed by Zircon’s limited warranty and offer patented technology, proprietary features, and the latest innovation in scanning devices. These products are suited for every contractor, electrician, plumber, remodeler, builder, and home improvement enthusiast.

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