Zircon Debuts New MetalliScanner® MT X at Expo Nacional Ferretera

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Campbell, California (U.S.A.) – August, 2018 — Construction professionals worldwide recognize Zircon® as the tool expert who delivers affordable, quality, and innovative solutions. Today, the company introduced the new industrial-grade MetalliScanner® MT X electronic metal locator. Designed to address the difficult task of locating rebar placed in tight grid patterns, the MT X may even eliminate the need for costly ground penetrating professionals or the use of complicated handheld radar units. Attendees at the Expo Nacional Ferretera in Guadalajara, Jalisco, September 6 – 8, 2018 are invited to experience a personal hands-on demonstration of this high-tech tool at Booth # 2080.

The MetalliScanner MT X is calibrated to locate rebar up to 10 cm deep and features two scan modes to select from depending on the environment being scanned. Normal Scan mode locates shallow rebar placed in tight grid patterns. DeepScan® mode finds deeper pieces of rebar or pipe with more concrete cover.

Portable size, easy calibration, and powerful scanning capability make the MT X suitable for a wide range of applications, from small residential tasks to mid-sized commercial jobs, to larger construction projects.

Water and dust-resistant, the MT X features a large transflective backlit display for easy viewing, even under direct sunlight. An audio tone also indicates the location of the target. A battery strength indicator alerts the user when the battery is too low for operation.

MetalliScanner MT X Product Specifications Include:

  • Large blue transflective backlit LCD screen
  • Center and Signal Strength Indication of metal up to 10 cm deep
  • Battery Strength Indicator
  • Ergonomic handle with Patented Pivot Pinch Grip design
  • Integrated marker system to mark target location
  • Pivoting handle attachment for easier scanning
  • Water and dust resistant

MetalliScanner MT X has an integrated marker system to identify the location of a target. The pivot handle attachment (included) provides extended reach on the wall or floor, easier range of motion, and less interference. A carrying case protects the tool when not in use. The MetalliScanner MT X is a reliable, inexpensive rebar locating solution for concrete construction workers, or anyone who needs to know where the rebar may be prior to core drilling, and slab or wall sawing.

“Engineered for use on smaller scale homeowner projects to expansive industrial concrete jobs, the MetalliScanner® MT X delivers the next breakthrough in scanning technology at a fraction of the cost,” stated president John Stauss. “This cost-effective solution is now within reach of anyone who needs to maintain the integrity of existing concrete while drilling or coring.”

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Zircon’s complete line of products can be seen during the Expo Nacional Ferretera, September 6 – 8 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Zircon will be exhibiting a wide array of stud finders, detectors, and wall scanners.

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