Zircon to Showcase New ExitPoint™ XL300 Through-Hole Drill Guide at Plant Maintenance Show

Campbell, California (U.S.A.) – July, 2016 — Zircon Corporation, maker of the original electronic stud finder, announced today that innovative new products will be on display at the Plant Maintenance Show at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan. Zircon continuously reinvigorates the tool category by engineering new technological advances unrivaled in the industry.

At this show, Zircon will showcase its new ExitPoint™ XL300, their first through-hole drill guide. The XL300 is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective tool to locate a precise spot, without measuring, before starting a project.

The ExitPoint™ XL300 accurately detects exit points before drilling or coring and saves time and money by eliminating guesswork, rework, unnecessary holes, and costly broken drill bits. It scans through most types of non-magnetic building materials, such as wood, drywall, gypsum panels, bricks, poured concrete and stucco. The XL300 features two modes: Normal mode to scan through conventional interior walls up to 11.5 cm thick and DeepScan® mode to scan through materials up to 30 cm thick.

To use, one would simply affix the transmitter magnet on the spot to be drilled and then scan the vicinity of the other side of the wall with the receiver. When the receiver is near the center of the transmitter, the display will light red, indicating a strong signal.

The timely debut of this inexpensive and highly-sought tool, once again fortifies Zircon’s mission of providing cutting-edge, innovative tools for professionals and tool enthusiasts worldwide. The professional-grade XL300 is the go-to tool for cable installers, HVAC contractors, electricians, and remodelers alike and a staple for cable and wire installations, concrete scanning and any time through-hole drilling is required.

“Since inception, Zircon has pioneered the way our proprietary and innovative products and the ExitPoint™ is no exception. It is Zircon’s first through-hole drill guide and even works as the world’s first true indoor or outdoor stud finder, enabling a user to quickly and easily locate stud locations from the exterior of the house – even through stucco,” stated Zircon president John Stauss. “With the XL300, we continue to provide our users with affordably priced, no guesswork stud finders, detectors, and wall scanners DIY, commercial, and industrial applications.”

Zircon’s complete professional line of products can be seen 20 – 22 July 2016 at the Plant Maintenance Show Tokyo Big Sight, at Zircon Booth 3M-06 (East Hall 3). Zircon will be exhibiting a wide array of stud finders, detectors, and wall scanners. All tools are backed by Zircon’s limited warranty and offer patented technology, proprietary features, and the latest innovation in scanning devices. These products are suited for every contractor, electrician, plumber, remodeler, builder, and home improvement enthusiast.

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Note: DEEPSCAN, EXITPOINT, and ZIRCON are trademarks or registered trademarks of Zircon Corporation.

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