Breaker ID Pro 300

A vital tool for both homeowners and contractors, the Breaker ID Pro 300 finds the right circuit breaker every time.

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The Zircon® Breaker ID Pro 300 circuit breaker finder kit identifies single and three-phase circuits of 50 Hz or 60 Hz between 80 – 300 V AC and with multiple subpanels in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

Use to:

  • Scan for identification and labeling of all breakers
  • Identify a breaker without trial-and-error
  • Minimize accidental shutoffs to essential power gear like medical equipment, servers, and appliances
  • Isolate circuits for repair or replacement or work on specific circuits without interrupting others

The Breaker ID Pro 300 Kit comes packaged in a case and includes a receiver, a transmitter with a 2-prong 120 V AC plug adapter, two 1000 V AC rated alligator clips, assorted blades for most outlets up to 300 V AC, a light socket adapter, and a 9V alkaline battery. This tool calibrates automatically. To use, connect the transmitter to the circuit and scan the breaker box twice with the included receiver. The first scan calibrates the device to the circuit breakers.

The second scan then identifies the target circuit breaker. A green LED and audible signal indicate the correct breaker.


  • Easy, one-person operation
  • Functions over range of 80 – 300 V AC
  • Complete set of transmitter accessories to enable connections to a variety of circuits
  • Compatible with aluminum and copper wiring
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment, no knobs or dials
  • A green LED and audible signals indicate proper breaker
  • UL Safety listed

Note: In a 3-phase application, one lead of the transmitter must be connected to the neutral line and the other lead to one of three power lines. Do not exceed 300 V AC.


Breaker ID Pro 300 Instructions  Breaker ID Pro 300 Datasheet

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