Breaker ID Pro Circuit Finder Kit

The Breaker ID Pro Circuit Breaker Finder Kit finds circuit breakers in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

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The Breaker ID Pro Circuit Breaker Finder Kit finds circuit breakers in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

It calibrates automatically so all you need to do is connect the Transmitter to the circuit and scan the breaker box with the included Receiver. On the first scan, the Receiver calibrates to the circuit breakers. On the second scan, it takes what it learned and indicates the target. (During the first scan, the Breaker ID Pro may indicate more than one breaker as it memorizes each circuit.) A green LED and audio signal will identify the correct breaker so you won’t need to haphazardly guess and cut power to essential gear like computers, servers, and appliances that shouldn’t be turned off.

The Breaker ID Pro Kit comes packaged in a case and includes clips and blades for easy access to most outlets, including 230 and 240 V industrial. The kit also contains a light socket and 120 V AC plug adapters for use with finished circuits.

  • Scan for easy identification and labeling of all breakers
  • Find breakers faster and more efficiently without trial-and-error work or accidental shutoffs
  • Isolate circuits for repair or replacement, or work on specific circuits without interrupting others
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment, no knobs or dials
  • Green LED indicates proper breaker

Note: In a 3-phase application, one lead of the transmitter must be connected to the
neutral line and the other lead to one of the three power lines. Do not exceed 277 V AC.

(This tool was previously known as the CF 12 Pro Kit.)


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