How to Locate Double and Triple Wall Studs with Your Stud Finder

“Hi this is Eric with the Zircon Tip Minute.

Today we’re going to talk about Double and Triple studs. Where they might be and what you need to do about them.

Double and Triple studs are usually installed around doors, windows and anywhere else where the wall might need extra support. You’ll normally find a double or triple stud when your Zircon Stud Finder either shows edges 3 or more inches apart or the center is over 1 inch wide.

Normally, if you’re hanging something on the wall you always want to anchor it in the middle of the stud but, that is exactly what you do not want to do with a double stud. If the nail ends up in the gap between the studs it gets almost no support.

In the event of double or triple studs, mark both edges at multiple heights to confirm the location.  Then measure ¾ of an inch from the side to find the center of one of the beams.

When dealing with double or triple studs it’s extra important to map out your wall. Please see our previous video on ‘Mapping your Wall’.”

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