Stud Finders

Zircon offers a wide range of stud sensors with different combinations of features, allowing you to choose the tool that fits your unique needs. While Edge Finders locate stud edges, Center Finders simplify your project by pinpointing the stud center for you.

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  • Stud Finders

    SuperScan​® K1

  • Zircon SuperScan K2 Advanced Wall ScannerStud Finders

    SuperScan® K2

  • Zircon SuperScan K3Stud Finders

    SuperScan® K3

  • Zircon SuperScan K4 advanced wall scanner and stud finderStud Finders

    SuperScan​® K4

  • SuperScan M1 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan​® M1

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  • SuperScan M2 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan® M2

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  • SuperScan M3 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan® M3

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  • SuperScan M4 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan® M4

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  • Zircon StudSensor HD25Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ HD25

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  • Zircon StudSensor HD35Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ HD35

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  • Zircon HD 55Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ HD55

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  • Zircon StudSesnor HD70Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ HD70 OneStep®

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  • Zircon MultiScanner HD800Stud Finders, Multiscanner

    MultiScanner® HD800 OneStep®

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  • Zircon MultiScanner HD900Stud Finders, Multiscanner

    MultiScanner® HD900 OneStep®

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  • Zircon HD900C MultiscannerStud Finders, Multiscanner

    MultiScanner® HD900c OneStep®

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  • SuperScan H1 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan® H1

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  • SuperScan H2 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan® H2

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  • SuperScan H3 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan® H3

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  • SuperScan H4 FrontStud Finders

    SuperScan® H4

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  • Zircon StudSensor L20Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ L20

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  • Zircon StudSensor L40Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ L40

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  • Zircon StudSensor L50Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ L50

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  • Zircon StudSensor L70Stud Finders

    StudSensor™ L70 OneStep®

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  • Zircon L350 Center FinderStud Finders, Multiscanner

    MultiScanner® L350 OneStep®

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