The Original StudSensor Story

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I’m most recognized as being a useful household member during the spring and holiday months. This is because I’m revered for my superior ability to solve homeowner and DIY enthusiast problems, from simple decorative projects to more complex remodeling ones. You see, I’ve been around for awhile and have decades of experience… I am the original StudSensor  stud finder.

The Original StudSensor, circa 1980's.
The Original StudSensor, circa 1980’s.

You might be wondering how a handsome fellow like me found my true calling in life. Once only part of an inventor’s dream, I came into being during the early 1980’s. I was initially engineered for a single purpose… to find studs. And I was different from the very start. I had lights that made people stop and stare at me. They mused how much they loved my first set of circuitry encapsuled in a black soapbox design with upward cascading lights that illuminated at the very top whenever I found a stud. I was simply revolutionary. Nothing like me existed before.

As with all good things, I’d later evolve, my exterior hardware becoming more form fitting. And in addition to my speedy stud finding skills that I’d so artfully mastered, I’d also add the ability to alert you to the presence of live electrical wiring to my astounding resume.

It is amazing how users caught on to my work ethic. Tirelessly, I looked for and found wood or metal studs. I expanded my reach, taking on the world with my stealth stud finding capabilities and through the years, I worked 24/7 along with the newer versions of me with advanced technologies, more features, and enhanced benefits. One thing hasn’t changed.  I help DIYers of all shapes, sizes, and abilities get their job done. Oh what a feeling that is!

I am an effective team member and along with my stud finding cousin, MultiScanner® , we are always ready to help not only find wood and metal studs, but even locate live AC electrical wiring, find studs in lath and plaster walls, and help solve dozens of DIY, remodeling, contracting, plumbing, and electrical headaches.

Easy-to-use, simple to please, and ready to work hard and tirelessly on home projects, I am the one you want to bring home to meet Dad (and even Mom), be best buddies with your friends, and make you the hero that you are to your significant other. Find me at your local hardware/home center or watch me on YouTube today. I am proud to be the Granddaddy of all stud finders, the one and original, StudSensorTM.

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