Water Damage and What You Can Do to Minimize It

Zircon Water Leak Detection

Any homeowner will agree that water damage poses a significant threat to his or her home, but few people understand the full extent to which they may be at risk. According to a 2011 survey held by ACE Insurance Underwriters, water damage in the U.S. averages $9.1 billion in homeowner property losses over a three year period. We spend much of our time focusing on external factors, such as floods and natural disasters, when the true culprits of the majority of water damages caused to homes are, in fact, preventable. Burst water heaters or washing machines, or simply leaky pipes, toilets, sinks, or refrigerators commonly waste thousands of gallons of water a year, and the average cost to repair damages caused by a burst water heater ALONE in a single home exceed $20,000!*

With the Zircon Leak Alert water detector, you can be alerted to these leaks early on.

Leak Alert

The Leak Alert is small and discreet, but this robust Electronic Water detector packs a punch, sounding a loud, 85 decibel alarm when it comes into contact with water. Other great features include:

  • Loud alarm (85 dB) sounds with direct water contact
  • Floats and signals for up to 72 hours
  • Fully automatic operation — no wiring required
  • Low battery indicator for optimum safety and performance

Place the Leak Alert under sinks, near toilets, in basements, near dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, or anywhere else where water leaks might pose a threat.

Watch this video to see how easy it works:

To learn more about how this water detector can help you prevent costly water damage, visit the Leak Alert information page.


*Statistics Quoted from Batty and Associates: “Water Damage Causes 9.1 in Annual Homeowner Property Losses”


Environmental Protection Agency:


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