You Can’t Wrestle with a Wall

Walls are us. We’re in the business of dealing with walls. We don’t design them nor do we build them, but we work with walls in every imaginable way from the inside out.

Walls are diverse. Although some walls are figurative, our walls are tangible. You have them inside your house and may even have one surrounding your home. A wall is a structure that provides security, privacy and a sense of real well-being.

Walls hide secrets. Walls are composed of three main components: 1) An internal frame, 2) Materials designed to exist within the frame, and 3) A flat, stable covering that holds the interior materials in place. Although a completed wall may not be highly interesting, it is insightful to contemplate what is inside the wall. Without building it yourself, the wall holds many secrets.

Walls in our homes are solid. You can’t see into them which makes it difficult to identify where the studs, pipes, or AC wiring may be located. If the wall had a clear Plexiglass cover, you could peer inside. However, because our walls are covered, a stud finder or scanner is a necessary tool and one such as the Zircon® MultiScanner i520 is an excellent choice, especially for finding vertical studs behind the wall.

The MultiScanner i520 features two stud scan modes, metal scan, and a dedicated AC scan mode.
The MultiScanner i520 features two stud scan modes, metal scan, and a dedicated AC scan mode.

But what about all other types of walls? From brick walls to cement walls to the relatively new ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), most of the walls around us are structures composed of multiple materials. This is the case with your home’s exterior wall. How do we see into these types of walls? The answer: It’s not easy. It often requires sophisticated devices to detect or see into the wall. And, unfortunately, sometimes these tools are cost prohibitive for the average homeowner.

The good news is that Zircon’s engineers and product specialists are working to close the gap by constantly innovating and developing affordable tools that both DIYers and professionals alike can use to see into and through complex wall structures. Our goal is to place indispensable tools in the hands of tool enthusiasts worldwide. So while you can’t wrestle with a wall metaphorically, technology and innovation are your partners to unmasking the walls’ secrets and ultimately being the master of what’s behind your walls.

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Tom is a user experience expert and Customer Service Manager at Zircon. He provides personalized training, education and service to high tech and hardware tool customers worldwide. All with a smile, to boot!