Ten Halloween Safety and Décor Ideas

In search of Halloween inspired outdoor and indoor decorations to take the ordinary to Spooktacular? Here are ten ghoulish tips to provide a Halloween experience that will safely haunt guests for years to come.

1. Décor comes in all shapes and sizes. Dress up shelves with seasonal mugs, plates, and bowls like those from the Rae Dunn pottery collection and let them do the scaring. Ensure your shelves are securely anchored to a wall stud or floor joist to support the weight.

Photo Credit: thefreckled_farmhouse

2. Not all cords are created equal. Indoor vs. outdoor extension cords vary in many ways and for different reasons. Check your extension cords to determine whether they are rated for outdoor use before venturing outside. You can use outdoor cords inside, but not the other way around.

3. Clear your front and rear entryways of debris and well light the pathway. Even upcycle old plastic milk gallon jugs into ghosts and string lights through them. This will keep the focal point on your décor while also minimizing tripping hazards.

Photo Credit: wonderfuldiy.com

4. Add a touch of Halloween to tabletops by sprucing up your succulents with a little bet of webbing, spiders, and then top if off with a skull.

Photo Credit: House by Hoff

5. Create a perfect pumpkin glow that will last all night by inserting battery operated lights or a small flashlight placed safely in your pumpkin instead of a candle.

6. Lights, camera, action! Nothing says eerie like a hazy, orange glow. Replace your outdoor lights with orange porch bulbs, green goblin lights. Indoors, try a rotating shadow lightbulb that casts swirling bats or ghosts around the room.

Photo Credit: Target.com

7. Don’t be spooked by falling objects. Hang heavy decorations and objects securely to a wall stud or ceiling joist. A stud finder will do the trick!

8. Make your guests go batty with decorations fit for the ghostly season. Adorn your walls and door frames with netting and bat inspired decorations. All you need is some construction paper and tape or string.

9. Upcycle reclaimed lumber and pallets into outdoor directional signs that point to Salem, the Bates Motel, outdoor signs, or turn into haunted doors, tombstones and coffins. Be sure to remove hidden nails and screws by taking a quick scan with a metal locator.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

10. Nothing is off limits. Determine what vantage point will have the spookiest impact. Spy your garage door, front porch, windows, and yard as if you were outside looking in. Bewitching ghostly shapes, silky spider webs or glow-in-the-dark handprints can do the trick.

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