New Year, New Home: 5 Simple Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

The New Year brings an influx of new home ideas. Get started with practical and cozy ideas that will warm your heart throughout the winter.

Spruce up your home with these 5 simple tips

Spruce up your home with Zircon Tools
Photo credit: HGTV

Light it up. With the shorter winter days, homes tend to be dark and dank. Brighten up the home with new light fixtures and ensure your front entrance is well lit to decrease safety hazards. When working around electricity, use extra caution. To find the right circuit breaker, use the Zircon Breaker ID circuit breaker finder.

Organize and beautify. You can showcase your wares in a practical way with dividers and shelves while you create distinct living spaces. Keep you, yourself, and your belongings safe by securely anchoring shelves and any heavy furniture to the wall.

Create a new layout. If a remodeled kitchen isn’t quite in the cards this year, a few simple changes can revitalize your kitchen. Why not rearrange your kitchen items, declutter countertops, and then add a splash of color to enliven once drab walls?

Add a flat screen tv. January is a popular time to buy and install a new flat screen tv. Your flat screen can prove to be unsafe if it’s not anchored into a wall stud or ceiling joist. Don’t risk serious injury to yourself or your Big Game guests. Securely anchor your Flat Screen into a wall stud or ceiling joist by using a stud finder.

Warm up the colors. As the winter days stretch out, brighten your mood with lively colors. Forestry colors, such as Benjamin Moore’s Beau Green and Decorator’s White can add a natural element to your rooms.

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