Stud Finder 101: Not All Modes are Created Equal

Zircon E50 Stud Scan

Good tool design is more than making a product that works only under ideal conditions. Zircon anticipates problems that may occur in real-world conditions, then designs tools to help its customers avoid those problems with features that help determine if what is found is really a stud. That is why many Zircon® stud finders and wall scanners have two stud scanning modes: Stud Scan and DeepScan® modes.

What are Stud Scan and DeepScan® modes?

Stud Scan mode locates studs through one layer of drywall up to ¾ in. (19 mm) thick.
DeepScan® mode locates studs through two layers of drywall up to 1½ in. (38 mm) thick.

Why are two modes important?

It’s extremely important to not scan further than you need to get the job done. Drywall is fastened directly to studs, whereas plumbing and electrical wiring may be anywhere in the wall cavity. Zircon® Stud Scan mode scans just barely enough through one layer of drywall, plus an allowance for mud, tape, texture, and paint. A competitive model that is always deep scanning may find other items further behind the wall surface that may not be a stud. This is very unsafe, as it increases the risk of hammering or drilling through plumbing and electrical wiring. One should always start a scan in Stud Scan mode first, scanning no deeper behind the wall surface than is necessary or safe.

Does every stud finder brand have two scanning modes?

Unfortunately, some other brands offer models that are always deep scanning up to 1½ in. (38 mm). Scanning too deep multiplies the risk of detecting plumbing and electrical behind the wall. Other brands may promote constant deep scanning mode as a benefit, but now you know!

At Zircon, its quality initiative is paramount throughout every step of the design, engineering, and manufacturing of its tools.

— Sharon Gee, VP of Marketing, Zircon

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