Zircon Reveals New Target Control​™ Technology in the Next-Gen SuperScan​™ “Kx” Family of Advanced Stud Finders

Zircon SuperScan Kx series

At Last! Have Real CONFIDENCE While Looking for Those Wooden Studs!

Campbell, California (U.S.A.) September 15, 2020 — Zircon Corporation, manufacturer of the original stud finder, ushers in a new generation of wall scanning technology with today’s launch of its revolutionary SuperScan™ “Kx” advanced stud finders, featuring breakthrough Target Control™ (TC™) Technology. The “Kx” family of advanced stud finders represents the culmination of years of technological development by the company.

Zircon equates TC™ to the “black box” control unit of a car. Multiple sensors stream data, combined with sophisticated intelligence, and automatically control vital functions (engine, brakes, and traction), resulting in significantly enhanced performance and safety.

Zircon’s new TC™ works similarly – with multiple sensors streaming data, combined with sophisticated intelligence controlling the result – to virtually eliminate “false positive” stud indications.

False positive stud indications are the bane of ordinary stud finders. Unknown (but NOT a stud) objects hidden in the wall fool ordinary stud finders into falsely indicating a wooden stud when it’s really detecting some other object– metal, plastic, wiring, etc. – definitely NOT what the user wants to find. False positives create an obvious risk to the safe, efficient outcome of any project.

With no filtering, no intelligence, and no control over the targets they detect, typical stud finders make it difficult to be sure of what they find. Where exactly is the stud when everything looks like a stud?!

Even worse, many competitor models of stud finders are in a continuously “deep scanning” or hypersensitive mode, virtually ensuring users mistakenly find many more false positives than they would otherwise with a tool with appropriate sensitivity settings.

A real disaster may ensue from mistaking such a false positive for an actual wooden stud.

TC™ changes that forever. By analyzing complex data streams from multiple sensors and simultaneously controlling the result, TC™ lets users avoid all things metallic, such as plumbing, conduit, straps, brackets, or ducts hiding in the wall. Additionally, TC™ helps avoid other low signal-strength, non-metallic targets, including plastic pipe, PEX tubing, wiring, and more.

When a SuperScan™ advanced stud finder locates a wood stud, users can be confident that they have actually found a piece of wood. Even better, using the new “Trust but Verify” technique, users can verify clean, “safe-to-drill” zones along a stud by sliding the unit vertically, up and down the wood stud after they found it, thereby avoiding metal screws, nails, and protector plates fastened to the wood stud itself (assuming the builder properly installed protector plates over horizontal plumbing and electrical).

Finally, users can have the real CONFIDENCE they need before drilling into a wall surface.

No other stud finder comes close to this capability.

The new “Kx” family utilizes Zircon’s most advanced user interface and offers all the safety features and locational precision that Zircon became famous for long ago.

The series progresses in size and detection capabilities, offering more features with each model.

The K1 advanced stud finder is a feature-rich tool at an affordable price, optimized for interior drywall. The K1 has the proprietary TC™ technology that also spans across the entire SuperScan™ line and addresses most users’ needs.

A step above, the K2 model additionally offers Zircon’s patented DeepScan® mode for double the scan depth through multi-layer surfaces like paneling, flooring, etc. up to 1 ½ in. (38 mm) thick.

The K3 smoothly transitions between Target Control™, DeepScan®, and Metal Scan modes with the flip of a switch. The dedicated Metal Scan mode detects ferrous metal, such as steel, up to 3 inches deep and non-ferrous metal, such as copper pipe, up to 1 ½ inches (38 mm) deep. Metal mode avoids all non-metallic targets, like wood studs, but can identify nail patterns in highly irregular lath and plaster walls, to indirectly locate the underlying studs – very useful in many older homes.

Finally, the professional-grade K4 adds live AC wire tracing capability, with a four-mode switch, to all the functions outlined above.

In all models, turning TC™ off will find (or avoid) ALL potential targets in scan range, including wood, metal, high and low signal-strength, and more – useful, for example, should the need arise to find a void in the wall, avoiding all targets altogether.

Available for purchase exclusively at https://shop.zircon.com, the SuperScan™ “Kx” series is delivered free of charge anywhere in the continental United States via UPS ground shipping and backed by the Zircon Limited Lifetime Warranty.

For media inquiries, please contact Carolyn O’Callaghan, carolyn.ocallaghan@zircon.com.

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