Leak Alert™ WiFi Software Revisions

v3.5.0.0 Released 6/20/2018

v3.5.0.0 optimizes the performance of your Detector and includes bug fixes. This update:

  • Improves the threshold for low battery detection
  • Fixes a bug that prevented users from viewing single Wi-Fi router connections
  • Changes format of Software Version from 3 digits to 4

For more information on how to update your software, please view the Software Update Instructions under the Resources section here: https://www.zircon.com/tools/leak-alert-wifi/


Software Revision History

v3.4.0 Released 2/27/2018

  • Fixes a bug that prevented some Detectors from sending 6-day log file

v3.2.0 Released 7/14/2017

  • Initial software release