A StudSensor™ 4 locates a lost pet behind a wall.

Dear Zircon,

I have owned my Zircon® StudSensor™ 4 for many years and have used it many times to do the ordinary chores like hanging pictures and finding wall cavities for running new wiring. I recently found a new use for my stud finder. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago while I was out of town on business my daughter’s hamster, Fluffy, escaped from his cage. We figure he had been out for at least a day before she discovered he was gone. My wife and daughters searched high and low but could not find Fluffy.

Of course I could only offer moral support, as I was halfway though my business trip across the country. The next day my wife called me and reported she located Fluffy but had not recovered him because he was stuck inside a wall.

It seems Fluffy had managed to find his way from my daughter’s 2nd floor bedroom, into the walls through an opening under the bathroom cabinets and then into a cavity between the ceiling/floor joist. He then crawled across the house and managed to find his way into a 1st floor cavity of an interior wall. He crawled, or more likely, fell into this wall cavity and was stuck.

I still had one more day on my trip and was figuring that by the time I returned home my mission was going to be one of recovery rather than rescue. Upon my arrival, my wife pointed out where Fluffy was last heard. She said it had been a day since she last heard him.

I went to my toolbox and got my StudSensor™ 4 and began marking the wall cavities and planning my next move. I guess our voices near the wall and the vibrations of the Zircon meter sliding on the wall woke Fluffy up. He began scratching at the wall.

I moved the stud finder to the area of the scratching sound and held it still. Sure enough the red lights on the meter moved up and down along with the scratching sounds. I now knew exactly where Fluffy was and where I needed to cut into the wall to rescue him.

I cut one small hole into the wall and Fluffy crawled out to me. Other than being very thirsty and hungry, he was fine.

Rescuing Fluffy alive made my daughter very happy. Doing it with only one hole to patch made me very happy. Considering all Fluffy has been through my daughter has decided that Fluffy is not such an appropriate name for such a resilient creature. She has decided to rename him Zircon.

Western Texas

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