Zircon, Maker of the Original Stud Finder, Launches All New Digital Media Experience

Zircon Corporation new website design for 2019

Campbell, California (U.S.A.) August 7, 2019— Zircon, maker of the original stud finder, recently launched new versions of its online and mobile platforms, providing a more streamlined experience to help DIY and PRO customers find the right tool.

Redesigned to align with its new aesthetic and brand identity, www.zircon.com also boasts extensive new features and functionality updates.

Visitors will find a completely redesigned interface with a new navigation menu. Online DIY and PRO shoppers can now quickly access the most relevant content and resources for their projects and determine the best tools for their needs.

Enhanced Capabilities Include:

  • Advanced search engine for quick, relevant content
  • Step-by-step “Tools by Project” recommendations
  • Prioritized menu featuring most popular topics
  • One-click access to DIY resources and product information
  • Shop Now option for convenient online or in-store purchase

Zircon strives to provide a higher form of tools and support, both in-store and online. These new digital enhancements deliver a better platform, with direct access to a more user-friendly experience. This is just one more step in our continuing mission to exceed customer expectations.

—Sharon Gee, Zircon Vice President of Marketing.

For media inquiries, please contact Sharon Gee, sharon.gee@zircon.com.

For more information about Zircon, visit www.zircon.com and follow it on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.