How can I differentiate between metal and wood studs?

To verify whether the stud you located in Stud Scan or DeepScan® mode is metal or wood, you would need a MultiScanner® stud finder with Metal Scan mode (or a dedicated metal finder). Switch the mode to Metal Scan and scan the stud again. If you receive positive metal indications from floor to ceiling, the stud you located is metal. Intermittent metal indications from floor to ceiling are likely nails or screws. (This mode will only detect the presence of metal.)

Note: Tools with Metal Scan mode may not have the same scan depth or sensitivity as dedicated metal finders.

Note: The Metal Scan mode in Zircon MultiScanner tools are only designed for detecting metal close to wall surfaces, such as nail heads and joist brackets. It is not designed for locating pipes contained within walls or under floors. Please refer to the Zircon MetalliScanner® MT 6metal locator for more information for those applications.