Why You Should Use a Stud Finder?

“Hi this is Eric with the Zircon Tip Minute.

Today we’re going to talk about why you should use a stud finder.

This is how many people look for studs behind their walls. It finds the studs, roughly. The problem is that when you need to hang something heavy onto the wall, you need to fasten it to the center of the stud for the best hold.

A Zircon OneStep Electronic Stud Finder will find the edges and the center of the stud, so you can be certain you’re putting the nail or screw in the right place.

Knowing where the edges of the stud are, can also indicate double or triple studs.

Make sure you never drive a nail into the center of a double stud.

What about those magnetic stud finders? Well, they don’t actually find studs. They find nails and screws in the studs. The problem is that if the nails aren’t centered in the stud you can’t precisely tell where the stud is. You also can’t tell if you’re dealing with a double or a triple stud.

For more information please see our next Tip Minute on How to Find Studs.”

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