How to Change the Batteries in your Zircon Stud Finder

“Hi this is Eric with a Zircon Tip Minute.

Today I’m going to talk to you about batteries and your stud sensor.

All Zircon tools use 9 volt batteries. These are the same type of batteries that you use in your smoke detector. They last a lot longer than double-a Batteries.

Whether it’s a new model or an old model, please don’t remove the screw on the back of your Zircon Stud Sensor. When you do that pieces become loose, the tool won’t work and then you’ll have to call us to figure out how to put it back together.

If your scanner is behaving erratically, not turning on, or giving you lots of error signals try inserting a new brand-name battery. Check the expiration date on the package to make sure it will have a full charge.

In older models, the battery cover is also the belt clip. To remove it turn the tool around backwards and upside down so that you’re reading the operating instructions upside down. Above the short piece of velcro is a little plastic tooth, push the little plastic tooth upwards and away from you releasing the belt clip from the stud sensor. Slide the battery cover off and replace the battery matching the positive and negative terminals. Then slide the battery cover back on.

In newer models, there is no belt clip, so all you have to do is lift up the tab at the bottom of the tool replace the battery and snap the cover back into place.

And please watch for further Tip Minutes.”

Eric, aka the Zircon Tip Guy and host of Zircon Tip Minutes on YouTube, shares essential tips about construction, general DIY, and your favorite Zircon tools that you can use in your DIY and home improvement projects. Drop him a line or post a comment on his YouTube page.